Editor’s New Blog

Periodically we’ll be releasing small pieces pertaining to what we’re reading, why we like it, why we consider it writing fodder, and sometimes what we’re listening to. This will be the dedicated page for these posts.

Meet the Editors:


Lauren E. Hamm

Editor – Poetry and Flash Fiction

Lauren received her Bachelors of the Arts in English Literature from Morehead State University. She currently works at the University of Kentucky in William T. Young Library. She enjoys cats, silence, and total isolation from the rest of humanity when she can get it.

Twitter: @thecatmamaw

Instagram: @leh_ky


Patrick S. Johnson

Editor – Short Story and Essay

Patrick Johnson received his Bachelors of Arts in English from Morehead State University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Spalding University. He currently spends most of his time making students miserable while posing as an English Instructor at Morehead State University. He hates mostly everything that exists and tries his best not to interact with anything that might make him ‘feel’.

Twitter: @superopie

Instagram: @patrickeffingjohnson

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