Because Poetry

Because it’s national poetry writing month, and I wrote this for a speech, that when standing in front of everyone, I just bombed the HOLY FUCK out of. I figured I’d drop this in our blog. This is for anyone who is wondering why they write and continue to do so when it is the worst thing ever to happen.

We’ve all decided that there is no point in denying the need to write. We do it, not because of some form of entertainment or to initially reach out to others. Though some of you lucky and talented writers have been able to take your work and share it with the world, it is, at first, in the germination stage, a very personal thing. We write because it is our drive and unspoken nature. We note things down that happen to us to use later and some people think that’s not normal. But let’s face it, we know we’re not normal.

Poetry is a condensed form of this experience. It’s the practice of getting to close to the truth and letting it wound us in hopes that when we share the experience, someone out there will have this moment where they will connect. Not with the sentence lengths, the rhyme, the meter. None of the formality that we so pride ourselves. But of the wounded truth that comes, not limping, but breaking through barriers and touching that sore spot right behind the breastbone.

That’s what we really want, is to connect. And it is impossible sometimes to exactly express what we feel. Cause feelings are hard and complicated and messy. Poetry it allows a price experience that we can than share with others. It is another tool of effective communication that has existed well beyond any of us. There are those ancient mythologies that try to reason where poetry came from because some consider it divine.

I think it is so important and powerful because it does not come from the divine, but instead it is the most human thing we can do. To expose ourselves in a way for others to see something that is vulnerable, and in the wrong setting, could be used to destroy a person. But the idea of sharing something creates an unspoken bond.

So, this leads to me to talk about the importance of this whole thing. Why we’re here. That’s to understand that we need writing, of all kinds within our community and schools. Because to understand someone, is to know someone, and to know someone is to be able to carry a civil discussion about the problems we face in our daily lives, political and personal. And with this understanding we can come to find answers to things that, alone, we would never achieve.

Writing is a solitary craft that many of us have a hate/love relationship. But the writing itself is our greatest effort in lighting a signal in our darkest of moments. Just in hope that someone else passing by will look our way and acknowledge the welling emotions that have driving us to that far unreachable distant point..


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