When the world gets too exhausting-create.

We’re in the middle of an incredibly turbulent time, both as creators and humans. Historically, we’ve always found ways to cope and rebuild after times of tribulation and destruction. We create beautiful pieces of art, enduring literature, and we leave our legacies in the most artistic, thought provoking ways possible. We don’t want future generations to forget the suffering we went through, as well as how we coped with that suffering.

While in undergrad, I had a teacher tell the class that the world was a cycle: Enlightenment and the Dark Ages. We were currently cycling through the Dark Ages, with humans rejecting science, critical thinking, and human rights. At the same time, I wonder if this isn’t that strange in-between in which we’re coming out of the Dark Ages and we’re entering a period of Enlightenment, fighting to pull ourselves out of this dark hole we’ve created through the creation of new works of literature, new forms of writing, and the amazing art completely accessible to us through social media.

Things really blow right now. There’s no getting around that. Historically, we truly are living within one of the darkest periods of our history as human beings on this earth. We’ve forgotten who our brothers and sisters are. We’ve forgotten how to treat our neighbor with decency and kindness. We’re building new personalities online to separate ourselves from our loved ones. There’s a disconnect between ourselves, as creators, and the world at large. We’re dissociating from all that’s happening in order to preserve and protect our hearts.

It is absolutely exhausting.

We can’t forgot our abilities as creators to bring others together, though. We have to remember that it’s perfectly okay to put a piece of ourselves in our creations (though hopefully not literally, like Velvet Buzzsaw). We need to continue to reach out to those in the community to maintain connections with those like us, those who are fighting to maintain a beautiful world despite all the darkness consuming humanity right now. Not all things are lost, not all things are dead. We’re creators, we rebuild and we bring new life to things once lost.

This turned out a bit more optimistic than I’m currently feeling, as an editor and as a writer. I’m exhausted, writing is a tiresome process that requires more feedback and interaction than I can sometimes handle. But, this was something that not only needed to be written, but I needed to read. There are times where writing, and the writing community, can become so overwhelming I want to give up. Find a new hobby. But, now, more than ever, creating works of art will be what keeps our humanity afloat. It’s how we’ll continue to be the most empathetic and sympathetic creatures on the planet. If we lose this part of ourselves, if we lose our ability to create together, to build each other up, to allow ourselves new places to escape to when things are too much to handle, we’ll lose to this darkness swallowing the world right now.

We can’t let those who would do the world harm win. We can’t give up now. We have to continue to write. We have to continue to share our stories.  We have to continue to create new works of art that make the human mind stop and consider.

It’s imperative. It’s important.

– Lauren

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