David Spicer

IMG_0091What are your favorite lines from your pieces featured in The Ginger Collect?

“Guy Talk”— a father who loved to fling/irony in a zigzag pattern,

“Demented Rain”— …his head/cracking like thunder, the spatter/

covering my face like demented rain.

“He Called Himself Smart”—Never say Excuse/me, he advised, because your IQ/doesn’t need manners.


Who is your most beloved author?

Hard to choose: Bad twin: Bukowski, of course. Good Twin: Merwin.


Do you have a favorite quote from these authors?

Buk: “The days run away like wild horses over the hills.”

Merwin: “Every year without knowing it I have passed the day/

When the last fires will wave to me”


What inspired your featured pieces?

Nothing in particular with any of them. I just channel my muse.


You can read David Spicer’s pieces in Issue Three of The Ginger Collect: Guy Talk, Demented Rain, and He Called Himself Smart.