Clifford Saunders

Clifford Saunders Photo

Clifford Saunders

Do you have a favorite line or lines from your accepted pieces for The Ginger Collect?
I like them all, but the first two sentences seem to me to work especially well together.

What inspired your piece?
A desire to tell an unconventional story.

What do you want readers to take away from your piece?
A sense of verbal adventure and surprise.

Who is your most influential writer? Who do you always go back to for inspiration?
It’s between James Tate and Henry David Thoreau. Both are so important to my overall work.

Do you find writing invigorating or exhausting?
Writing poems is always invigorating to me. I’ve written one novel, and that was exhausting!

What is your ideal writing environment?
My office late at night, when it’s quiet and inspiration is building.

Do you ever create soundtracks for the piece you’re writing?
No, but I’m always paying close attention to the rhythm and musicality of a given piece.

Do you keep any snacks around while you write? If so, what’s your favorite?
Not usually, but the other night I had a bowl of juicy grapes while composing some lines.

What season do you find you write the most in?
It used to be Autumn when I lived in Massachusetts, but now that I live in South Carolina, it’s definitely Spring, when growth and renewal are everywhere!

Do you have any future writing plans?
I hope to one day publish the novel I’ve written. And I’m always excited to see how the next poem turns out!



You can read Clifford Saunder’s piece in Issue Four of The Ginger Collect: The Tale Spun.

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