Patrick Hurley

Patrick Hurley Photo

Patrick Hurley

Who is your most influential writer? Who do you always go back to for inspiration?
I always go back to the surrealists as well as the great Chinese poets of the Tang Dynasty. While composing the pieces from walking, I was reading a lot of  T’ao Ch’ien, Li Po, Han Shan, Dante, various surrealists, Mina Loy, and Tomas Tranströmer.

What season do you find you write the most in?
I try to write every day. The dynamic character of spring and autumn is a great source of inspiration, but the oppressive lushness of summer and the bleak beauty of winter have their own unique virtues.

Do you ever create soundtracks for the piece you’re writing?
For this project, I was actually listening to music during the initial composition of each piece, and the music has had a huge effect on the pieces. Mostly I was listening to contemporary classical works. Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Arnold Schoenberg, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Arvo Pärt, and Meredith Monk were frequent companions, if not unwitting collaborators.


You can read Patrick Hurley’s piece in Issue Four of The Ginger Collect: Untitled 3.

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