Issue Eight

Editor’s Note


Featured Piece – My Memories with Teeth by Rob Kristoffersen

Forward – Lauren Hamm



Aphantasia – Raymond Gibson

Her Skeleton Was Shaped like the Stage – Justin Karcher

evil vanquished – ayaz daryl nielsen

we are moonwalkers – ayaz daryl nielsen

Hidden Church – Rickey Rivers, Jr.

Satan’s Mask – Rickey Rivers, Jr.

Heart – Lannie Stabile

Refugee – Lannie Stabile

You Can’t Carve Time – Lannie Stabile



Cash’s Shadow – Cass Francis

Corners – Jen George

The First Colony – Andrew Hughes

Realms Beyond Midnight World – Zach Smith

Sunflowers – R. Gene Turchin


Flash Fiction

A Blur of Horses and Humans – David Cook

Homeless – William Falo

Pyres – Hannah Gordon

Evelyn Versus the Hydrangea – Trisha Lea

Waterfall – Maura Yzmore


Author Interviews

David Cook

William Falo

Cass Francis

Jen George

Raymond Gibson

Hannah Gordon

Andrew Hughes

Justin Karcher

Trisha Lea

Ricky Rivers, Jr.

Zach Smith

Lannie Stabile

R. Gene Turchin

Maura Yzmore