Jen George

Jen George HeadshotLibby seems to think that Pauline is showing signs of dementia pretty early on in the  story. Do you think she has it and do you think these Things in the corners have  something to do with it? 
I think Pauline may be suffering from some form of dementia. She keeps her silence about  the Things because she fears being disregarded as a crazy old lady.

Loneliness in the elderly community is a real issue that probably doesn’t get enough  attention. This story sort of sheds some light on that in a very big way. Could the Things  be that loneliness?
I leave the Things’ nature open to interpretation. 🙂 That said, loneliness is a big part of this  story. Pauline is trapped in her lonely state by something malicious that she cannot control.

What inspired this story?
This story was, in part, inspired by watching older friends deal with dementia and  Alzheimer’s. It isn’t a simple loss of memory, but a loss of cognitive function. Reality and  unreality can merge, skills and knowledge are lost, and some memories disappear while others hold fast. It can be frightening, especially when a person knows they are sick, but they are  powerless to do anything about it. I liken it to being trapped inside the cage of a failing mind.

If you had a message for readers about this story or writing in general, what would  you say?
If I could leave you with one usable truth about this story, it would be this: Let no one  become invisible. We have no idea what private torment another person endures. They should not  have to suffer alone.

Do you have any previously published pieces you’re particularly proud of?
My YA novella ​Bufflye was published serially in Silver Pen’s ​Youth Imagination literary magazine. Here’s a link: ogue-and-chapter-1 

Most recently, my poem “Porchlight Angel” appeared in ​Stonecoast Review,

​ Issue 8. Here’s a link: 


You can read Jen George’s piece “Corners” in Issue Eight of The Ginger Collect!