Issue Seven



Angie Hedman – Corner Seat

Angie Hedman – Wheelchair

Fabrice Poussin – Tax Time

Fabrice Poussin – Too Late for Prayer


Ray Ball – during the time of omens

Wanda Deglane – Season of Sunburn/Season of Stormbrew

Kristin Garth – Foundling

Kristin Garth – God is Just Some Guy

John Grey – I Celebrate the Death of an Unknown World

John Grey – Survival of the Species

Caroline Hardaker – Pan

Juleigh Howard-Hobson – The Prayer of Marilyn Ross

Thomas Piekarski – Icarus Revisited

Marisa Silva-Dunbar – If we were gods

Michael T. Smith – Paper Airplanes

Gervanna Stephens – Conditional template

Gervanna Stephens – Jamaican Duppy Story: A Sketch

Amanda Tumminaro – Skunk Hair



Belinda Brady – A Quick Minute

Becca Borawski Jenkins – The Problem with Nastasiya’s Husband

Dan Brotzel – Crowley at the Last

Josh Olsen – Into the Marrow

Chris Panatier – GroundsKeeper

Val Rigodon – Little Red

Catherine Sinow – Kiwi Pemberton’s Last Day of Sunlight


Flash Fiction:

Michael Carter – Doctor Raptor

Amanda Crum – Communion

Natasha Leullier – Earthly Concerns

Claire Loader – Black Magic

Claire Loader – To the Last Drop

Laura McGinnis – If Walls Could Talk

Meeah Williams – The End