Amanda Crum

We were able to get an interview with Amanda Crum on her pieceCommunionin Issue Seven.

21430632_10212009437704323_7276244326105806860_n (1)What do you think you would do in this situation? Especially the end.
I tend to put a little piece of myself into my characters, and I think Melinda and I share the same need to throw ourselves into action in a scary situation in order to push the anxiety and fear away. The ending had a lot of different meanings for me while I was writing it–the darkness of depression and fear of death being a couple–and for me it’s about facing those feelings, so in Melinda’s shoes I think I would stand my ground…although I don’t think I’d be quite as courageous as her!

The darkness described is horrifying, oily, void-like. What is this darkness to you? How did you envision it?
In my mind I saw a black shadow hovering in the air, but I want that darkness to be any number of things for the readers. What they’re most afraid of, what they’ve been dreading, what they think about while they’re tossing and turning at night. Those are the things that are most terrifying to me.

What do you find to be the hardest about consolidating and writing stories as flash fiction?
It’s always difficult for me to strike a good balance between creating the setting and rounding out the characters; I want them both to be fully fleshed out and I don’t believe that flash fiction has to focus on one or the other.

Are there themes or ideas you see pop up in your writing?
My writing tends to follow the same basic trajectory as my life, although not on purpose. I can look back at my work and see themes that line up with what I was going through at that moment in time, but it’s not a conscious decision on my part.  This story came about at a time when I had a lot going on and was battling hardcore depression, but I didn’t even make the connection between the blackness in the story and how I was feeling until after I wrote it.

Do you have any previously published pieces you’re particularly proud of?—the-harvester.html

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