Claire Loader

Claire Loader spoke to us about her piecesTo the Last DropandBlack Magic in Issue Seven.

Claire LoaderYour pieces have a pretty cool fantasy element to them. Is this a fairly normal thing for your writing? What do you like most about these stories?  
I love reading fantasy.  When I was younger I spent hours devouring series after series – Hugh Cook, David Eddings, Steven Erikson.   I read books to escape and there is nothing better to escape into than a delectably dark fantasy novel.  I guess with my writing it’s the same – I loved writing both of these stories because they opened up a little world I could step into, even just for a minute.

What did you like best about writing these stories?   
Writing offers an opportunity to create new realms out of thin air – there is nothing more enjoyable than just seeing where your pen will take you, and I really had fun with these.

What do you find to be the hardest about consolidating and writing stories as flash fiction?
I admit I prefer it!  At the minute the hardest thing for me is to really let my characters run free.  I find it easier to keep them tied into a short piece, but I think that will change, there’s a few itching to get out.

Both tales focus on a certain type of evil, but not the usual type. It’s the kind you almost relate to and it makes it scarier. Was this intentional?  
No!  It just kind of happened…hmm, what does that say about my subconscious!?

Do you have any previously published pieces you’re particularly proud of?
I would love to share my short piece ‘The Architect’, based on the man who designed the many workhouses built around Ireland in the mid-1800s.  They are an incredibly dark part of Irish history, one that I felt drawn to explore.

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