Issue Six

Issue Six is here and folks, let me tell you, it’s one that’s going to take you for a long ride that you’re not going to be the same. Just like always there are places that our contributors have went that we didn’t know were possible. And this issue is special because it is our first to include the art, which, I promise you, will inspire you to explore more and more of the weird, strange, and the new age. Again, we thank everyone for contributing. If it wasn’t for you, we would not be The Ginger Collect.

We’d like to take this time to thank the continuing support from our patreons who kind have been to help support this wild and strange journey. So, thank you, Althea Rivers, Megan Ison, Tyler Mullins, Eilise Norris, Chris Milam, Mary McCune, Austin Hatch, and Samathna Curreli. Thank you so much for your support. Because of you, we can continue to move forward in expanding and achieving our ultimate goal of world domination of gingers.



Matthew Jent – The Bond



Jennifer Lothrigel – Harmony

Jennifer Lothrigel – No Mud, No Lotus

Jennifer Lothrigel – Tender Bones


William Doreski – Passing Along the Light

Kristin Garth – Pyrography

Kevin Kissane – In the Treetop

Simon Perchik – And though this bottle is empty

Jen Rouse – Petite Rouge

Jen Rouse – When It Snows



C. R. Berry – The Quiet Invasion

Dan Brotzel – The Names of Nature

Gabrielle Crowley – Corpse Queen

Larry Deery – Dog Eclipse #13

Brenna Ehrlich – The Mole People

Zach Smith – Hitching a Ride on Flying Colors

Kevin Stadt – Dokkaebi


Flash Fiction:

Mason Binkley – They Do Not Envy Us

James Burr – Humour Chip tm

David Cook – Her Precious Things

Barbara McVeigh – Static

Jennifer Patino – The Night the Wind Knocked Back

Stephen Prather – Vantablack

Josh Pryer – Poet’s Postmortum

Chloe Smith – Elle’s Meetings with Death

Gene Turchin – The Edge

Gene Turchin – Simulation