David Cook

Flash fiction often captures particularly moments in time. Are there moments you find yourself returning to for inspiration?
There’s no one individual moment that I keep returning to. In fact, I find it hard to identify what inspires a lot of my stories. Her Precious Things came to being sometime after watching the Little Mermaid, though, so I think we can thank Disney for this one.

Do you have any previously published pieces you’re particularly proud of?
I often gravitate to darker stories, so I was pleased with the gothic atmosphere of Polly, The Protector. https://cabinetofheed.wordpress.com/2018/03/06/polly-the-protector-david-cook/

And also this story, about a man-eating printer. The man got what he deserved, though. https://thefictionpool.com/2017/07/21/printer-error-by-david-cook/amp/

What do you find to be the hardest about consolidating and writing stories as flash fiction?
Often I find my stories end up being around 1200-1500 words after a first draft, making them too long for Flash, but also too short for most longer fiction publications. Then begins the editing process, which is harder for some pieces than others.

For me, as the editor, the saddest moment was the very end and how he responded to what she left on the doorstep. What moment did you connect with the most while writing this story?
I think I like the opening scene the most, as we hear about her struggle, without knowing for sure who the character is or what she is struggling for. I enjoy little mysteries like that, and I think – hope – it makes for an intriguing introduction to the story.

This really works well as a flash fiction piece, but have you considered making it longer or do you prefer it as flash?
I think this story works best as flash. There would be scope to explore the main character’s life further, both before and after the scenes described in the story, but I think I’d rather they were left to the reader’s imagination.


You can read David Cook’s flash fiction piece, “Her Precious Things” in Issue Six of The Ginger Collect.