Larry Deery

Fiction sometimes comes from a single moment in time that sticks with us, is this the case when you sit down to write? Or do you plan each step? Is it formulaic for you?
It’s never formulaic. Each story I write is like I’m writing a story for the first time. My story, Mother, was inspired by a thought I had of a dog being killed with a single blow to the head. Everything after that one incident in the story came from God knows where.

Do you have any previously published pieces you’re particularly proud of?

During the editing process, do you find it difficult to adhere to a word limit? And if you do, how do you manage to keep it within the parameters?
There are no parameters for me. Literary journals set parameters.

What inspired you to write this one?
The thought of me accidentally killing my dog by dropping a heavy weight on her head.

This piece flows well. How did you go about perfecting your dialogue writing? What exercises or tools do you use in order to achieve this type of success?
I studied hard in college, and I write, write, write.


You can read Larry Deery’s fiction piece, “Dog Eclipse #13” in Issue Six of The Ginger Collect.