Welcome to the Ginger Collect.

We’re two gingers (and two gingers-at-heart) on a mission to find the polished and the broken things at the bottom of the riverbed. We’re here to observe the strange color of the sky and how some of the trees fail to look majestic. There’s beauty in all the weird and wild and we’re ready to wade into the water surrounded by the strange wood and words that you’re willing to give. So give us your strange, your weird. Give me the writers that have yet to have found their place to call home. Give us the wretched stories with unhappy endings. Give us the bruised and beaten characters that shine light in the dark places where no light should be. Give us the broken and wise, the charred and burnt. Because the broken can be the most beautiful.

The Ginger Collect does not necessarily support the ideas behind the subjects in the pieces that we publish. We are here to assess and appreciate art. It is not our intention to promote any single viewpoint. Just like at a museum, we are here to look into the work of an author and appreciate it for what it is.


Patrick + Jonathan + Brittany + Lauren